Punyam Poonakavanam – Clean Sabarimala Initiative

Punyam Poonkavanam means Divine Trees Grove. It means Sabarimala Forest was a spiritual and divine one. Devotees are advised to follow and participate in maintaining the Sabarimala a clean and green place as it was before.

Every time after the closing of Sabarimala Darshan schedule in January, All the premises was a mess. Many People will dump their waste things like plastic bags, Eatables and Irumudi Articles on the surroundings.

Many times people volunteer to keep the sabarimala clean but all the efforts are in vain because of ignorance of devotees. Even now Many animals living places are endangered because of heavy dumping of non-degradable plastic waste. Even there was no proper sanitation was observed all round the sabarimala pilgrimage. This was leading to heavy pollution of ground water & irrigation channels.

From 2011 with the help of kerala police Punyam Poonkavanam was getting steady response and heavy encouragement. At present many celebrities and government officials are sponsoring their participation in many Clean Sabarimala initiatives.

Right now Sabarimala was completely a plastic free zone. Even police are confiscating the plastic water bottles and all plastic covers etc while devotees checking their entry into Neelikal checkpost & Pampa gateway at Kannemoola Ganapati temple.